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Ofsted and School Improvement

Decoy Community Primary School's most recent Ofsted Inspection was on 17th and 18th January 2023. The outcome of the inspection was that Decoy Community Primary School remains a good school.

There is a lot to celebrate within the Ofsted report. These are the headlines:

"Decoy Primary is an inclusive school with a family ethos."

"...this is a place where children are ‘accepted and celebrated’"

"Pupils’ attitudes towards learning are positive."

"In lessons and around the school, pupils behave well. They are happy and safe and value their friendships."

"Pupils are kind and tolerant. They know it is unacceptable to judge someone based on their appearance, faith or gender. This creates an ethos of acceptance and belonging for all."


For recent and historic Ofsted reports, please click here

The following is an overview of our school improvement priorities for 2023-24: